Ponzi's Scheme tells the true tale of Charles Ponzi, an immigrant who comes
to America in the 1920s penniless in search of the American Dream. What begins
as an earnest business venture to provide for Rose, the love of his life, blossoms
into the world's most famous scam that today still bears his name: The Ponzi Scheme.

Everyone knows what eventually happens to a house of cards. Imagine the mess
from a mansion made of cards.

He was a charlatan. A con man. And an irresistible scoundrel. When Charles Ponzi
rolled into Boston, unlike THE MUSIC MAN‘S Professor Harold Hill‘s entrance into
River City, his intentions were noble, his manners impeccable and his dreams as big
as his newly adopted country. America‘s confidence and optimism were unparalleled
in the months after the War and anything seemed possible. Instant wealth was there
for those who sought it and the dapper Ponzi was determined to get his share—if
only to prove to his mother back home that he was more than just “a no good bum.”

Few personified Old Money Eastern Establishment than did Richard Grozier, son of
Boston‘s most powerful publishing magnate. Failing at Harvard, not for lack of brains
but for lack of ambition, Grozier dreamed of escaping from under his father‘s far-reaching
shadow and living his life on his own terms. Little did he know that a chance meeting
with Ponzi would ultimately provide him with such an opportunity.

With $2.50 to his name, and the focused determination and showmanship of GYPSY‘S
Mama Rose, Ponzi formed the ironically titled Security Exchange Company (SEC) and
inadvertently elevated the “rob Peter to pay Paul” scam to an art form. With the
promise of 50% interest payable within 90 days, Ponzi became an instant millionaire.
Suddenly flush with more cash than his expanding staff could count, he was finally
able to buy the flashy car, fancy clothes and palatial mansion that announced his
success to the world. But more importantly, he now had the confidence to pursue
the young American Beauty he desired.

As all of Boston feverishly sought out the miraculous Ponzi Notes in a mad dash to
get rich quick, Ponzi‘s bubble grew bigger and bigger as he collected hundreds of
thousands of dollars each day without ever taking the time to figure out the details
of how he planned to make his scheme work. Grozier instinctively knew that what
sounded too good to be true, probably was, and through his newspaper went after
Ponzi like Javert‘s feverish pursuit of Jean Valjean. Their battle would become the
first roar of the Roaring Twenties.

But as the noose grew tighter, Ponzi refused to run, for to do so would admit to his
mother and wife that he was nothing more than a con man. And more than anything,
Ponzi needed them to believe in him. Share This Synopsis Ponzi's Scheme

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Synopsis Ponzi's Scheme